Story of PhaSauce

Born in Lincoln Park Chicago, The story of PhaSauce begins with a Vietnamese restaurant called Asiana Classic Vietnamese Cuisine. It was founded by entrepreneur Holly. It was a passion for food that inspired Holly to open a restaurant two years after college and after a few corporate management gigs. The restaurant served to hungry yuppy professionals with an eclectic taste for international food experiences. It was a happy place for Holly to introduce new dishes to the local loyal patrons. Phở, bánh xèo, bánh mì, bún with grilled meat, braised catfish in a clay pot, and curry chicken were daily specialties.

Photo of old AsianaSauce Restaurant (now PhaSauce)

Since then, the restaurant has been passed on to another Vietnamese owner.

Fast forward, home is now Orange County and the fire inside her for food creation has ignited once again. At the height of the global pandemic, Asiana Sauce was born.

Asiana marinade sauce comes in a variety of flavors: garlic, lemongrass, curry, and a Viet dressing for health-conscious individuals. The sauce is designed for the convenience of busy single parents, soccer moms, young professionals, college students, career parents, Airbnb travelers, outdoor BBQ, or for someone who doesn’t enjoy being in the kitchen long. With 20 minutes of preparation, a delicious meal is ready for the family to enjoy.

Since the launching of Asiana Sauce Inc., the reviews and testimonials were overwhelming and will speak for themselves of how tasty the marinades are and helpful it has been for our customers.

In June 2022 we rebranded to PhaSauce under the parent Asiana Sauce Corp.

We are growing and rebranding!!
Pha means “mixing” in Vietnamese and together with Sauce, which derives the quintessential new name, PhaSauce. The name fits with Vietnamese cuisines and binds the East and West cultures beautifully.
We hope you enjoy the sauces as much as Holly enjoys crafting them. All the ingredients are freshly prepared and handpicked to ensure quality and freshness. Bon Appetit!!