Brand Collaborations

Let’s grow together!! At PhaSauce, we believe in teaming up with companies to support and learn from each other. Together as a partnership, we can build better things, be creative, promote diversity, increase productivity, benefit from each other’s resources, share knowledge, and increase profitability. Collaboration with PhaSauce is a win-win business venture and has the potential for the greater good.

PhaSauce and Simply Food Collab

simply food and phasauce collab bun thit nuong

About Simply Food

With over 60 years of family experience in the noodle manufacturing industry, Thang Nguyen (CEO of Simply Food) decided to bring his deep roots of Vietnamese culture with him to the United States and established this company in 2020 as a way to share his heritage with the world in the best way possible — Simply Food.

With our goal of bringing traditional and authentic Vietnamese flavors to the market, Simply Food manufactured a diverse line of asian pantry products such as dried noodles, rice products, and Chinese Sausages that are used in a variety of soups (Pho Noodles, Rice Noodles, Glass Vermicelli), rice paper rolls (Spring Rolls, Summer Rolls), and stir fries (Fried Rice). In addition to, multiple lines of instant noodle soups that mimic popular Vietnamese dishes (Pho, Hu Tieu, Mien, etc). All of our products are created to be easily prepared, convenient, and delicious— making it popular among our community.

Within 2 years, we have grown and achieved shelf space in over 200+ ethnic grocery stores and have a large following across all of our social platforms.  We have established a concrete brand presence within our asian community by saving our consumers time, money and energy in the kitchen. With our products, Simply Food is able to shine a light on our Vietnamese culture and simultaneously give back to the same community by donating food, helping charities and organizations, and bring more minorities into the industry.

“Spreading Vietnamese Culture in the best way possible — Simply Food!”

Food Tasting Event at Sunrise Supermarket

Happily connecting with our customers at Sunrise Supermarket Fountain Valley!!
Meeting, greeting customers, and giving them a chance to taste our sauces.
Such a great turn out and we couldn’t be more stoked, we were close to selling out our Garlic and Lemongrass marinades again! Thank you for your support!!

sunrise supermarket

Sunrise Supermarket

Chợ Rạng Đông. Vietnamese supermarket in Fountain Valley. Come and visit for their Asian Cuisine Grocery.

9380 Warner Ave, Fountain Valley, CA, United States, California