Vietnamese Curry Marinade (Gluten-Free)

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The PhaSauce’s Vietnamese Curry Marinade is packed with intense flavor. The indescribable yet delicious and bold taste has a complete richness of spices such as coriander seeds, cumin, turmeric, chili, ginger and bay leaves, anise, fish sauce, lemongrass, sea salt, distilled water, sugar, onion, and garlic. It’s a bit spicy and quite addicting once you start eating. Marinate with protein or seafood. Grill, fry, broil, or sauté.

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Vietnamese Curry Marinade is a sauce produced according to PhaSauce’s own recipe, it is very easy and convenient to use. Our sauce can help your curry have a rich flavor without adding any other spices.

We use ingredients extracted from fresh fruits and vegetables to create the perfect Vietnamese Curry with a natural and refreshing taste. It can absorb quickly and evenly into your food to make it more savory and flavorful.

Vietnamese Curry Marinade sauce has an eye-catching smooth yellowish color, you can marinate it with chicken thighs or wings and then grill, or use it with tofu or shrimp, pour the curry over and add basil or coriander to enhance the flavor. The curry made with our sauce and served with bread is also very delicious, your family will love it.

Weight: 12 oz/bottle

Brand: PhaSauce

Ingredients: Sugar, anchovy extract (Anchovy, salt, water, fructose & veg. protein), minced lemongrass, garlic, coconut, curry powder, ground pepper. Contains:  anchovy

Nutrition Facts:

  • 22 servings per bottle • Serving size: 1tbsp (15g) • Calories per serving: 30.
  • Total Fat: 1g 1% • Sat. Fat: 0.5g 3% • Trans Fat: 0g • Cholest: 0mg 0% • Sodium: 660mg 29%.
  • Total Carb: 5g 2% • Fiber: 1g 3% • Total Sugars 3g 6% (Incl. 3g Added Sugars) • Protein: 1g.
  • Vitamin D: 0mcg 0% •  Calcium: 0mg 0% • Iron: 0.1mg 0% • Potassium: 10mg 0%.
Weight 1 lbs

8 reviews for Vietnamese Curry Marinade (Gluten-Free)

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  1. Absolutely one of our favorite curries!!!

  2. So good! Very unique in a good way- not as hot as Indian curry which I also like. This is a bit sweeter than that, and full of so much flavor!

  3. Grilled cuttlefish with Asiana Sauce curry flavor. Delicious!!

  4. Your curry is so good. I need to order two more bottles. All your other sauces are good too.

  5. This is FIRE! So goood!

    • Thank you Johnny! Glad you liked it. 🙂

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